Welcome to Fountain Spray Rings .  We offer very affordable fountain spray rings that can be easily set up
in your existing garden fountain.  Most fountain spray rings are constructed of soldered copper tubing
and are difficult to install and maintain. Our durable plastic fountain spray systems are simple to install
and maintain, yet they bring elegant action to almost any outdoor fountain.  Whether you have a smaller
water fountain, a multi-tiered water fountain or would like to add this elegant feature to an open fountain
basin, our spray rings are versatile enough to make your fountains come alive.  

  • Brings your fountain and garden alive

  • Low-cost when compared to traditional copper tubing

  • Adjustable nozzle jet assemblies

  • Simple and fast to install, setup and maintain

  • Light weight  and FREE shipping

  • Multiple sizes available to fit almost any outdoor fountain
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Fountain Spray Rings
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Custom Spray Ring With 56 Nozzles 90 Inch Diameter
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Custom Spray Rings for  
Water Fountains
Free Shipping and

Our custom Fountain Spray Rings are made from UV resistant semi-rigid plastic.  The color
is black  and will not peel from sun or water exposure.  A custom combination of ring, risers,
legs, and number of nozzles can be created to meet your needs for water level and spray

The Rings are shipped preassembled and coiled and can  be completely assembled without
soldering, gluing or  tools.

Standard delivery is approximately 2 weeks.

Shipping is free (within contiguous United States).

Email Us  for more information.  For a quote, please include the following details:
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Ordering Information Required:
1)  The Depth of your fountain basin or maximum height of the water level
where the ring will be located. We will make the ring so that the tips of the
nozzles on the ring will be approximately 1/2” above this value.

2)  Number of nozzles required (note: the minimum distance between
nozzles is approximately 6 inches)

3)  Required outside diameter of fountain ring (This is the inside diameter
of the fountain ring basin measured at the level where the ring will be
placed vertically in the basin)

Fountain Spray Rings
PO Box 914
Simpsonville, SC 29681

email: info@fountainsprayrings.com
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